April 5, 2017 - Release Notes

  • A Pay Now in-store pickup option for TCGplayer Pro Online Stores allows customers to pay for products online and pick them up later in store. These transactions will not incur the 2.5% Pro commission fee, only the standard transaction fees. In-store pickup orders will be fully integrated into the Buyer's Order History and the Seller's admin panel.
  • A customized “Order Complete” page for TCGplayer Pro Online Stores will now reflect the store name the order was placed through. Updates on the Thank You page include:
    • “Thanks for Shopping with (Store Name)!”
    • “Inspired by your Recent Purchase - See more from (Store Name)” where a product catalog of top-selling products will be shown
  • Updates to the Buylist Pricing Tool increase speed and efficiency and make pricing updates even easier.
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