Intro to Pro Seller by TCGplayer

Pro Seller by TCGplayer is the next level of selling on TCGplayer. With Pro, you'll be able to optimize your workflow using powerful tools like Quicklist and MassPrice to easily update and price your inventory. And as your business grows, so will your tools - you'll be able to add on upgrades as you go, including your very own online store. Take a look at the links below to learn more about how Pro can help you grow your business.


Pro Seller by TCGplayer Features

MassPrice - Update Your Store's Prices with the Push of a Button

MassPrice lets you make instant price updates based on rules you create. By harnessing data from our marketplace, you can keep up with what's popular, what's making big moves, and what's landing tournament headlines. Plus, MassPrice is mobile ready so you can run rules and manage prices from anywhere in the world. Confidence looks good on you!


Quicklist Card Scanning Software - Update Cards Simply By Scanning Them

Using powerful image recognition software, you can update your inventory and TCGplayer Buylist by simply scanning cards. With unlimited users, your employees are instant experts on any TCG in the TCGplayer catalog. Never over-pay or under-sell again.


Sales Channels - Independently Control Your In-Store and Online Inventory

Selling on TCGplayer is amazing, but you also bring something special to your neighborhood. our channel management tools help you put local customers first. 

Set distinct prices, quantities, and products for your physical and online channels, and never run out of what's in demand


Pro Seller by TCGplayer Upgrades


Pro Website - Build Your Brand with Your Own Online Store

Create a personalized website in less than 30 minutes and watch it sync automatically with your physical store and the TCGplayer marketplace. You'll have access to multiple site themes, personalized marketing options, intelligent search, and secured checkout - all powered by TCGplayer. Not to mention seller safeguards and business analytics to ensure your shop is always running at top speed. 


Kiosk - Streamline Your In-Store Shopping Experience

Kiosk helps make your inventory accessible for your customers and your employees. From browsing to placing orders, Kiosk is an incredibly powerful tool. 

An employee's not super familiar with a product? No worries - Kiosk has your back. Maybe a player doesn't know exactly what they want; Kiosk lets them browse through your whole catalog easily.

Kiosk is like an employee with superpowers. But maybe, like, a little more Peter Parker than get it.


Ready to go Pro? Click here to sign up!

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