TCGplayer Pro Pricing

We know what you're wondering–what does TCGplayer Pro cost? There's no contract, no monthly fee and no startup fee. We're here to grow your business, not bill you before you ever make a sale. That's why the amazing features of TCGplayer Pro are unlocked by just a 2.5% additional fee, which only applies to online sales that are shipped to customers. For in-store pickup orders made through your website and in-person orders created using the software, no commission fee is applied. 

TCGplayer Pro allows you to grow your business across channels, so you can continue doing what you love for a living. Here's what you get for less:

  Basic Verified Pro
  This is the starting point for anyone who wants to sell cards on If you're a Certified Hobby Shop or a Gold Star seller, you're eligible for this plan. If you're a verified brick and mortar store, you can apply for TCGplayer Pro.
What You Can Access      
TCGplayer Direct  
TCGplayer Buylist  
Pro Website    
Quicklist Card Scanning Software    


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does it cost to sell products on the TCGplayer Marketplace as a Pro seller?

A: All TCGplayer Pro sellers automatically qualify for the same low TCGplayer Marketplace fees that you'd get on our Marketplace as a Sync seller. For detailed information, refer to our Fees article in the Help Center.


Q: What does TCGplayer Direct cost?

A: The cost is exactly the same as the TCGplayer Marketplace, except that instead of paying for shipping yourself, you simply pay us a small shipping replacement cost when we ship out products on your behalf.


Q: What does TCGplayer Buylist cost?

A: We charge a flat rate of 10% for all Buylist purchases, plus the cost of shipping. There is no fee for TCGplayer Pro sellers using the Quicklist Card Scanning Software for Buylist purchases in store. Refer to Buylist Fees and Shipping Costs for complete details.


Q: Where does the additional 2.5% fee for TCGplayer Pro apply?

A: All online purchases that are processed and protected by through either the TCGplayer Marketplace or your custom website include a 2.5% Pro fee. When customers purchase items through your website, you're only charged that 2.5% fee and a transaction processing fee. Refer to our Fees article for more information on transaction processing fees.


Q: What do in-store transactions made through TCGplayer Pro cost?

A: There is no fee for in-store purchases processed by your point of sale system. In-store pickup orders processed through the TCGplayer cart have no commission fee, only a transaction processing fee.

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