Creating Forms for Your Online Store

Within the Content Management System (CMS) that you get with TCGplayer Pro, you can create forms, then add them to your TCGplayer Online Store. This may be useful for the creation of custom items like prize giveaway forms and tournament signup sheets. The Forms page is one of three options available in the left-hand navigation of the CMS (beneath Content and Media). 



There is one default form that will appear on your TCGplayer Online Store from day one–the Contact Us page. Your email address will be preloaded here, and you can customize the information according to your preferences. Customers will be able to contact you using this form and their messages will be sent to the email address provided.

Note: All orders will still process through your TCGplayer account, and any messages regarding orders should be sent to your TCGplayer messages. You also get the same fraud safeguards and domestic shipping protections that you receive on the TCGplayer Marketplace for all orders made through your TCGplayer Online Store.



You can also create new forms with your own specifications.


To learn more, watch these tutorial videos on creating and managing your forms.

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