Joining Pro Seller by TCGplayer

Whether you're new to TCGplayer, or you've been selling with us for a while, setting up your Pro account is easy.

1. Contact Us

One you're a Level 4 Marketplace seller (nice work!) you can fill out this form and a member of our Customer Service team will get you up and running quickly. 

Haven't reached Level 4 yet? Don't sweat it - take a look here to learn how to get there fast.

2. Learn the tools

Once you've joined Pro, we'll send you an email with your account info, as well as some tips on getting started. 


And if you ever need more help, just reach out! We are here for you.

3.  Start Selling!

Awesome new tools?

- Check.

Fraud protection from TCGplayer?

- Check.

Now get out there and sell some cards - you got this!


A quick note for Sync sellers:

Pro is available to qualified Marketplace sellers who aren't synced through a third-party eCommerce provider. If you're a Sync seller but want to sign up for Pro, just reach out to our Customer Service Team, and we'll help you make the switch!

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