Joining TCGplayer Pro

Whether you're new to or an existing Seller on our Marketplace, setting up your TCGplayer Pro account follows the same process.

1. Talk to Us

Simply fill out this form and a dedicated onboarding agent will contact you as soon as possible. We'll do most of the work for you to help you get set up quickly and easily. (Note: If you're already one of our Sellers, make sure your account information is up to date, including your store name, contact name, email address and store address.) 

2. Get Approved

Once you're approved for Pro, you'll receive an email with your account information, plus:

  • More info about the incredible features you get with TCGplayer Pro 
  • Documentation with tips to help you get started
  • Links to useful articles in our Help Center

3. Set Up Your Account

Use the articles below to get set up quickly and easily.

  • Setting Up Your Pro website - We're providing you with complimentary access to an easy-to-use content management system that will help you get your custom website up and running quickly. You can then manage the content and design of your website effectively without any development work required. 
  • Customizing Your Brand - Find out how to redirect a custom domain name to your Pro website and set up custom email accounts for you and your employees.

4.  Start Selling!

You already have inventory, fraud protection and backing by TCGplayer's policies. Plus, we're ready to support you every step of the way.

Note: TCGplayer Pro is available to qualified Marketplace Sellers who are not currently synced through a third-party eCommerce provider. If you are currently a Sync Seller and want to sign up for TCGplayer Pro, one of our dedicated onboarding agents will help you convert from a Sync Seller to a Marketplace Seller.

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