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Branding goes beyond just your store logo or unique store name. Your brand will influence the way customers perceive you, can help set you apart from the competition and represents your promise of excellent service to your staff and customers. You've worked incredibly hard to make your store the best it can be, so your company's customer engagement is super important.

We've learned that purchasing can be an emotional experience for our Buyers, and the way that they feel about your store can help build strong bonds, increase repeat sales and stimulate brand recognition. If you're motivated to take your store to the next level with Pro Seller by TCGplayer and want to explore some recommended customizations, please read more about setting up your branded URL and email accounts below.


Terms You'll Need to Know

Domain Name - the main piece of an internet address (example:

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) - a number that acts as a name for each computer and device using the internet

DNS (Domain Name System) - a sort of phone book for the internet that matches a domain name (like to an IP address

A Record (Address Record) - a record that points a domain name directly at an IP address

CNAME Record (Canonical Name Record) - the middle man between a primary domain name and an IP address


Setting Up Your Branded URL

With a Pro Seller by TCGplayer account, you get to use your own branded URL ( for your Pro website. This allows you and your staff to interact with your customers professionally as representatives of your brand.

1. Acquire a custom domain for your branded URL.

2. Contact for assistance linking your Pro website to that domain.

3. When you provide your URL, please take note when sending over domain name information:

4. The Pro Seller by TCGplayer representative will contact you once changes are made on our end, and you will be able to point your CNAME to our domain. To do this, you will need to reference your domain registrar, since the process for adding CNAME records is different depending on your registrar.

  • We will provide you with a domain to point to, we recommend you create a CNAME with:
    • Host/Name: "www"
    • Target/Value: ""

Here are examples from 2 of the more common domain registrars, Namecheap and GoDaddy.






5. We will contact you as soon as the process is completed, and you will be able to access your website at your own domain. 


Setting Up Custom Email Accounts

Once you have your custom domain name set up through a third-party provider, you can set up custom email accounts for you and your employees. That way, you can use email accounts with your store’s domain name ( on your contact page and when communicating outside of the TCGplayer platform. This will allow you and your team to interact with your customers as representatives of your store, which will result in a more professional presentation, build brand loyalty and help you get more repeat business.

You have the freedom to use any email hosting platform you want. However, we recommend using Google or GoDaddy. These sites provide the guidance and support you need to get set up quickly and easily. Some email hosting platforms offer additional features, such as mobile access, spam/virus protection and email archiving. You may want to consider these features when making your decision.

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