Customizing Your Online Store

The ability to customize your TCGplayer Online Store using the Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most valuable features included with TCGplayer Pro. Most of the customization for your Online Store occurs within the Store Theming & Settings tab of the CMS.

Within the Store Theming & Settings tab, you'll find the following fields that you can modify to fit your brand:

  • Store Logo - Here you can upload your store's logo. If you do not yet have a logo for your store, you can use a free logo maker to create one. For optimal results, make sure to keep the following in mind:

    • There is no enforced aspect ratio for logos.
    • The max height of a logo is 50 pixels. If the logo is not that tall when uploaded, it will stretch to a height of 50 pixels. If the logo is larger than 50 pixels when uploaded, it will shrink to that height.
    • The max width is approximately 250 pixels, but this can vary depending on the screen size and resolution.
    • Most logos will be resized to fit well regardless of their original size.
    • The best looking logos will have original dimensions of either 50 pixels high or 250 pixels wide.
    • Rectangular logos work better than square logos due to the allotted space.

Below are two logos for the same store. As you can see, the square logo is much smaller, while the rectangular one takes full advantage of the space provided.


  • Mobile Logo - While not required, you can add a different image here that will display when customers view your Online Store on mobile or a condensed window. If you do not add a logo to this field, your Online Store will automatically pull in your Logo image for mobile.


  • Favicon - While not required, you can add an image that will appear in the browser tab when a customer is viewing your Online Store. The default for this field is simply the TCGplayer Pro logo.

  • Template Picker - Only one template is currently available, but more templates are coming soon! Once additional options are available, you'll be able to use this area to select the layout of your front page.

  • Themes Picker - Choose from 20 different themes (ten colors that each have a light option and a dark option).


For additional customization options, refer to Best Practices for Managing Graphics. To quickly set up your Online Store, refer to Setting Up Your Online Store.

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