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Best Practices for Managing Graphics

In the “Home” item, you have control over the banners on your site. You can enable automatic banners, where Home Page banners will be added automatically based on the products you sell in your store. These banners appear as a carousel on the Home Page.

To access banners, go to the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab, and then click on Content from the left navigation

Content is located under Pro Website on the Pro Seller menu.

Within the “Home” page type, click on the edit button

The edit button for content is highlighted. It looks like a pencil and paper.

You can then select to Enable Automatic Banners

Alternatively, you can add your own custom banners or use ones from our Media Library. These banners will also appear on the Home Page. Please note, image sizes should be 3840 x 960 pixels.

On the Edit Content page, you have an option to upload a custom banner near the bottom of the page.

If the image is larger than the available area, the image size will be reduced proportionally until one side of it fits perfectly within the available space.

If the image is smaller than the available area, the image size will be increased until both sides fit the available area. The banner will never be padded by blank space if an uploaded image is too small.

The area is designed with a 4:1 image aspect ratio (1920x480) in mind, but any image is accepted, however it could be blurry if the original image is small.

Banner examples displaying original size, 4:1 aspect ratio, and 4:1 cropped.


Change Log

  • 4/13/22 - Updated instructions and images.
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