Migrating from a Third-Party eCommerce Provider

We make it easy to migrate from a Sync Seller to a Marketplace (MP) Seller and switch to TCGplayer Pro instantly. Simply contact our dedicated support team and let them know you want to join TCGplayer Pro. With just a push of a button, you'll be switched from Sync to MP. Plus, if you're migrating from CrystalCommerce, you'll get a free trial of Pro through the end of February! (Learn More)

  • All Feedback will be carried over to your MP account.

  • All Order History will be carried over to your MP account.

  • Any programs your store currently participates in will be carried over to your new MP account.

  • Even though you're switching over to MP, we'll continue to honor the Sync fee structure.

  • You can also keep your established store name.

  • Once your new MP account is created, we'll immediately upgrade your Seller Level to 4, allowing you to list as many items as you want at whatever pricing you choose. You'll also have access to our Price Differential report to help set your pricing on TCGplayer. Plus, set up Custom Shipping Options, including free shipping.
  • All of your prices, quantities and items will be synced directly with TCGplayer, so no need to wait for an eCommerce site to sync their products up.

  • Oversells and Batch Update pricing errors virtually disappear as there is no longer a 5- to 10-minute sync delay during high-volume sales periods.

At TCGplayer, we are obsessed with creating the best possible experience for our customers. The magic happens when we apply our Five Core Values to every interaction with our Buyers, our Sellers and our own employees. By following these principles on every level, we can provide amazing customer service and continue to lead the industry of the collectible gaming market.

We're happy that you're interested in joining TCGplayer Pro. Please contact us if you are ready to “Go Beyond” or have any further questions or concerns!

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