Switching to Pro Seller by TCGplayer from a Third-Party eCommerce provider

Making the Jump from a third-party eCommerce provider to Pro Seller by TCGplayer is easy. Just click here and select "I sell cards on TCGplayer".

Then enter an email address we can reach you at, and under "How can we help you?" select "Other".

From there you can just fill out the form as normal, being sure to indicate in the subject line that you'd like to switch from Sync Selling to Pro.


Making the switch to Pro is seamless.

First, you won't lose your hard-earned feedback - it'll carried over to your new Marketplace account. The same is true for your order history, the programs your store participates in, and your store name.

Once your account is switched over, you'll immediately be upgraded to Seller Level 4, which lets you list as many items as you want, at whatever price you want. you'll also have access to our Price Differential report, and custom shipping options, to help you set competitive prices on the TCGplayer Marketplace. 

To top it off, all of your prices, quantities, and items will be synced directly with TCGplayer - oversells and batch update pricing errors virtually disappear. Goodbye, third-party woes.


At TCGplayer, we're obsessed with creating the best possible experience for our customers. Please reach out if you've got any questions or concerns before you make the switch. We can't wait for you to give us a shot!

We're happy that you're interested in joining Pro Seller by TCGplayer. Please contact us if you are ready to “Go Beyond” or have any further questions or concerns!

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