Setting Conditions, Languages and Foiling in Quicklist

The Quicklist Card Scanning Software does not detect the language of the card you're scanning, regardless of the card's condition or whether or not it is a foil. The default settings when you open the software are English, Non-Foil and Near Mint. You can manually change the language, foiling and condition of your cards at the top of the application.


  1. In the Language dropdown menu, you're able to select the language of the card that you're currently scanning.

  2. There is a Foil checkbox that you can check if you're scanning a foil card.

  3. You can also choose from the different Conditions that are available.
  • Near Mint (NM)
  • Lightly Played (LP)
  • Moderately Played (MP)
  • Heavily Played (HP)
  • Damaged (DG)

If you accidentally select the incorrect information, you can change it by selecting the Edit button on the card you want to change.


For different languages, when editing a card, only the languages the card was printed in will appear. This design choice was made to reduce input error.

Once you submit your changes, you can confirm the information in the card input section.


  • English = EN
  • Chinese(Traditional) = CT
  • Chinese(Simplified) = CS
  • French = FR
  • German = DE
  • Italian = IT
  • Japanese = JP
  • Korean = KR
  • Portuguese = PT
  • Russian = RU
  • Spanish = SP

If you need help identifying card conditions, refer to our Card Condition Guide.

For help determining the right language, refer to Identifying Magic Card Languages.


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