Selling from Multiple Physical Stores

Do you operate more than one physical retail location? Pro Seller by TCGplayer can work for you!

Multiple Locations with Distinct Inventory

Most often, multiple retail locations run separate inventory to ensure accurate counts and prevent oversells. These locations also have different events and often promotions that you want to advertise. 

The best way to support this within Pro Seller by TCGplayer is to open a Seller account for each location. These accounts will each have separate websites where you can have customers purchase from each individual inventory. Your websites can all share the same logo and style, but have dedicated event calendars and contact information to direct people to thost retail locations. You can interconnect your websites by creating a "Locations" page that shows all of your stores. You can also add a link to each of your stores in the website navigation.

Multiple Locations with Shared Inventory

For Sellers who share inventory across different physical retail locations, you would have one Seller account for Pro Seller by TCGplayer and one website. Within your website, you can add dedicated Google Calendars for each location within one "Events Calendar" link. Additionally, you can link to your different store locations (suggestion would be dedicated Facebook pages) within your menu, or build a custom "About Us" page that outlines all of your different locations.

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