Retrieving Your Google Calendar ID

With TCGplayer Pro, you get your own custom website. If you use Google Calendar to keep track of your in-store events, you can easily display your calendar(s) on your website. To do this, you simply have to retrieve your Google Calendar ID, then copy and paste that into the Content Management System (CMS).

1. From your Google Calendar, find the calendar you want to use in your left-hand navigation and go to "settings and sharing".




2. Make the calendar available to the public by checking the box next "Make available to public".


3. Go to the Content Management System and navigate to the Content panel.



4. Click on the carat symbol next to Home. This will expand a dropdown menu.


5. Click on Events Calendar and paste your Google Calendar ID into the field labeled Calendar ID.



6. Confirm your changes by pressing the Save and Publish button at the bottom left of the screen.

7. Your Events Calendar page will now display on your website (see example below).



For more information, refer to Updating Your Events Calendar. If you have any questions, please email our dedicated customer service team.

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