Pro Seller by TCGplayer FAQ

Just joined Pro Seller by TCGplayer? You probably have some questions. Luckily, we have the answers.





Q: Does Pro Seller by TCGplayer provide a point of sale system for my store?

A: TCGplayer Quicklist works with any POS system that your store currently uses, allowing you to choose an alternative solution that works best for your store.


Q: Can I create a pull sheet and print all of the invoices for my orders?

A: Yes, you can. Refer to How to Manage Your Orders to learn more.



Pro Seller by TCGplayer Website


Q: How does using the Content Management System (CMS) impact current use of the TCGplayer Seller Portal?

A: The CMS simply allows you to change the look and feel of your Pro website. Everything else is the same. You still use the TCGplayer Seller Portal to manage your inventory, prices, etc.


Q: How do I edit my Events Calendar, About Us and Contact Us pages?

A: Within the Content Management System (CMS), select Content from the left sidebar, then click on the dropdown arrow next to Home. From here, you can select the page you want to edit.



Q: My calendar isn't showing up. How do I get my events calendar to appear?

A: Simply copy and paste your Google Calendar ID. Refer to Retrieving Your Google Calendar ID for more information.



TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software


Q: How to I activate Quicklist?

A: Make sure you're logged into Once you download Quicklist, you'll be able to open up the software and select the "Authorization Code" text in the popup. This will lead you to the Authorization page, where you can select the "Authorize" button, where you will find the code you will need to select.


Q: What hardware should I use with Quicklist?

A: Simply use a computer with these specifications and follow the guidelines in Best Practices for Quicklist Card Scanning Software.


Q: Can I scan one card with Quicklist and have multiple conditions and quantities for that card?

A: You cannot scan the same card multiple times in a row. However, you can update the conditions and quantities in your Seller Portal. Refer to Resolving Card Scanning Issues for more information.



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