Using Your Buylist Inventory for Auto-RIs

If you are enrolled in both Direct by TCGplayer and TCGplayer Buylist, your Buylist Inventory can interact with completed Direct sales to save you time and money. RIs are generated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6AM EST. When that happens, our system checks to see if any of the outstanding cards from Direct sales (that have not already appeared in an RI) match what is available in your Buylist Inventory.

If there are any matches, our system will remove them from the list of cards we expect from you and also remove them from your Buylist Inventory. We'll then notify you that a card or cards have been fulfilled from your Buylist Inventory with a message that reads "RI #[RI NUMBER]-auto has been automatically completed" and a corresponding RI with these cards in your RI page.

The corresponding cards already in your possession are available for your immediate use as you see fit (so you can relist, etc.) Even if you do not generate an RI, our system will check right before an RI would be generated and complete the above process.

Note: If you receive a non-Direct order for a card you have listed, you will still be responsible to ship it to the Buyer. For now, that is the biggest limitation with listing anything that you don't physically have a copy of in your possession. Therefore, you should still list and sell these cards the same way you did before using the Buylist.

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