Using Quicklist and the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

Quicklist features integration with the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500, an automatic document scanner that allows you to inventory full packs of cards in seconds. This hardware integration can significantly speed up your workflow, unlocking value by allowing you to add bulk inventory and new sets with ease

Before you get started, please read the following recommendations, as well as ScanSnap's official specifications. Plus, make sure to join our TCGplayer Group for ScanSnap, where you can share exactly how you're using Quicklist and ScanSnap to improve your business.

Getting Started

Before you get started, please read ScanSnap Installation and Setup. Here is a basic overview of the steps you'll need to take:

1. If you don't own one already, you can purchase the ScanSnap iX500 here.

2. Download the ScanSnap drivers and ensure they're properly installed on your PC. 

3. Ensure that Quicklist is updated to the latest version (2.0 or above). To do this, simply go to the Service tab and click "Check For Updates".

4. Once the software updates and the ScanSnap drivers are installed and working, open Quicklist.

5. Within the File dropdown, go to Settings. You'll see a toggle that lets you choose between "Web Camera (any)" and "ScanSnapiX500". Switch the toggle to "ScanSnapiX500".

6. Drop up to 15 cards into ScanSnap's automatic document feeder tray.

7. Within the Quicklist software, press the "Scan cards" button.

8. Quicklist will quickly scan all the cards using ScanSnap, then add them to your list!

Why This Integration Could Be Great for Your Store

Using the ScanSnap iX500 brings your business speed, accuracy and convenience. Here are some of the many things you can do to take advantage of this new feature:

  • Quickly expand your inventory and listings by adding non-MTG cards like Pokemon, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Dragon Ball Z and Force of Will.
  • Scan in your bulk inventory and unlock its value easier and faster than before.

Best Practices

Through our testing, we've identified some general best practices that we recommend when using ScanSnap to scan in your cards.

  • Running the same card through the scanner multiple times may lead to indentations.
  • De-sleeve cards before passing them through ScanSnap, as using sleeves may damage both the card and the scanner.
  • Sort cards by game before feeding them into ScanSnap, and make sure each scanning session is set for the game that is being fed into the scanner.
  • Try not to run more than 15 cards per pass.
  • Don't scan cards that are dirty or have debris/particles on them.

We invite you to join the dedicated Facebook group to contribute, chat about these issues and post any solutions or workarounds that you come up with while using this hardware.

Suggested Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance is required for optimal performance. Visit the Fujitsu website for a full list of compatible accessories.

  • You should regularly clean the brake roller and pick roller using Cleaner F1.
  • new roller set is recommended every 100,000 cards.
Note: You are using this integration at your own risk. is not liable for cards damaged by ScanSnap or damage to the ScanSnap scanner itself. ScanSnap is a third-party product manufactured by Fujitsu. For hardware issues, read Fujitsu's official documentation or contact Fujitsu directly. For Quicklist software issues, contact our dedicated customer service team.
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