Homepage Widgets for Your Pro Website

With a Pro Seller by TCGplayer account, you can create and customize your own website. One of the best ways to make your store stand out and connect with your customers is by adding social media and event widgets to your homepage. Within the Umbraco Backoffice, you'll have the option to add your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds, the YouTube videos of your choice and a list of upcoming in-store events. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Home content section in the left navigation window.

2. Click on the "Homepage Content" tab. Scroll down to "Homepage Widgets."

3. If you're a new Pro seller, you'll see the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Calendar widgets already loaded for you and will only need to customize them and push them live on your website. If you're an existing Pro seller, click on the plus plus.png to add a new social media widget. You will be given the option to choose which widget you would like to add (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Calendar, Image).


4. You can then customize each selected widget with the following:

a. Facebook:

  • Headline
  • Facebook URL


b. Twitter:

  • Headline
  • Twitter Username


c. YouTube:

d. Calendar:


e. Image

  • Headline
  • Image
  • Link (optional)


5. You can include additional Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Calendar and Image widgets as you see fit. You can also rearrange the order of the widgets as desired. The order that the widgets appear within the Homepage Branding tab is the same order that they'll appear on your website's homepage.


If you want to add your social media links rather than widgets, refer to Updating Store Info and Connecting Social Media.

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