Pro Website Editing Access and Limitations

When customizing your Pro website, you are able to use a wide variety of themes and navigation bar options. Keep in mind, though, that there are some limitations to keep your site secure.


  • <script> tags will be removed in the rich text fields you are able to edit, so you will be unable to implement any JavaScript.
  • When you're uploading files to the system for media or content, the following file extensions will not be uploaded: .ashx, .aspx, .ascx, .config, .cshtml, .vbhtml, .asmx, .air, .axd, .swf, .xml, .html, .htm, .svg, .php, .htaccess


  • Add an <iframe> that links to a page with the content you want to include.
  • Upload transparent .png files to allow high-quality images across the Pro store.
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