Choosing Your Seller Name

There are several things to consider when creating your Seller Name on You want to make sure it's something that makes your brand stand out while remaining professional in 20 characters or less. Also, keep in mind that TCGplayer may reject a Seller Name if it goes against our Core Values.

Your Seller Name will be rejected if it:

  • Includes inappropriate or profane content 
  • Features formatting that looks fake or unprofessional (e.g. K@TsK@rDs)
  • Cannot already be in use by another seller on TCGplayer
  • Matches a copyrighted or trademarked name
  • Is the same as your legal moniker

In the event that two stores on have a name that is very similar or identical to one another, TCGplayer will look at the following to determine which seller will be able to retain the name, in order of importance:

1.) Trademark - If a seller has trademarked their store name, they will be able to keep their name and we will ask the other seller involved to select a new one.

2.) Registered Business - If neither seller has a trademark on the disputed name, we will check to see if either seller is registered as a business in their state.

3.) When was your last sale? - If neither seller has a trademark or is registered we would then look at when their last sale was. In this case we would rule in favor of the seller who is currently active on the site.

4.) Whose account is older? - If both sellers have active sales and aren’t registered, we would then grant the name to the oldest account, by creation date.

Have questions? Simply contact our customer service team. We're always happy to help!


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