Mobile Website Rollout

We have begun launching some of our store pages with mobile-friendly views. Now it’s faster than ever to find prices on from your phone.

For this first batch of page releases, the biggest change you’ll see is that for mobile and tablet views, we now default to a ‘price check’ view, while the desktop view defaults to our traditional lowest three sellers view. We chose this new ‘price check’ default for mobile as it’s super fast and gives you multiple price points at a glance, including lowest price and market price, which is great for trading. Just click into the product details page to see multiple stores prices.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see additional pages become mobile-friendly and new features rolled out. These include:

  • A mobile-friendly shopping cart
  • Buylist Market Price added to the ‘price check’ view
  • Multiple views with different layouts available for you to choose from for mobile and desktop browsing

While we’ll continue to test internally, we now need your feedback to ensure we provide you with even more improvements that will deliver the best mobile experience possible.

Simply fill out the form below to share your thoughts with our team. We’re really excited to hear from you!

Thank you so much for helping us Go Beyond!

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