Saving and Sharing Lists

The TCGplayer App makes it easy to save your decklist to your device or share it with a friend. 

Click on the ellipsis. You'll have the choice to Add to Collection, Add to Trade-In, Copy to Clipboard, Send via Email, Export to File (Android only), or Share with Another App.     


An example of a scanned card in the TCGplayer app. The elipses button is located on the right side of the screen under the scanned image.


If you select Add to Trade-In, you'll be able to move your scanned list to your Trade-In submission. Note that this feature is available for Magic: The Gathering only.

The menu options when selecting the elipses button.

If you select Copy to Clipboard, you'll receive a success message showing that the list has been copied to your device's clipboard.



If you select Send via Email, the app will use your default email app to compose an email with the total number of cards, along with the quantity, card name, and set code for each.




If you select Export to File (Android only), you'll be able to export your card list to CSV.


If you select Share with Another App, a list of your device's compatible third-party apps will pop up, allowing you to select which one you want.


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