Define Pricing and Minimum

If you're a Pro Seller using MassPrice, once you determine the product group, you must define your pricing rule.


1. Determine which data point will be used for determining the list price. Next to "Equal to:", select one of the following:

a. Market Price - The prices at which a card has been selling, averaged across multiple recent transactions.

b. Low Price

c. My Current Price

d. Direct Low

e. Average of - You will be given a secondary dropdown to choose Market Price, Low Price, My Current Price (your currently listed price) or Direct Low

2. Determine if you want to set your pricing as a percent or flat price difference of the variable above and whether it will be higher or lower. Where it says "Modify by:"

a. Select the amount. Options include:

    • 0% to 10% for percent
    • $0.00 to $0.10 for dollar amount

b. Select +$, -$, +% or -%.

3. Click "Save and Continue" to define the minimum you want to set for pricing. You will be given options to set your minimum pricing to "No less than:"
a. Market Price
b. Low Price
c. Direct Low
d. Fixed Amount - If you select this option, enter a positive number with two decimal places.
4. Click "Save" to save your pricing rule.
5. Once you've saved your pricing rule, click "Continue" to move on to Step 3: Mass Price Your Inventory.
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