Tips for Accurate Scanning 

The TCGplayer App makes it easy to identify and price your Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. To ensure accuracy, follow the tips below when scanning.

Use a Plain Background

A patternless surface—like a blank sheet of printer paper—works best. The color should contrast with the card border.


Scan the Entire Card

Avoid camera edges, and remove obstructions. Make sure each card is centered in its sleeve.


Reduce Glare

Scan cards at a 45° angle or press the flash symbol to improve the lighting.


Adjust Scan Settings

Set foil type, condition and language to get the price for your exact card.



Verify Your Card

Update the set and quantity as needed.

Note: The TCGplayer app does not always correctly identify the set of a card if that card artwork has been printed in multiple sets. Therefore, make sure to verify that you have the right version. (Example: Revised vs. Alpha/Beta cards or Chronicles vs. Legends/The Dark)

For more information about the TCGplayer App, visit our website and read our FAQ.

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