How do I define products in MassPrice?

If you're a TCGplayer Pro Seller using the TCGplayer MassPrice App, the first thing you need to do is group your products. 

1. Log in to your TCGplayer account.

2. Click the "Create a New Rule" button.


3. Choose whether you want to update your:

  • Selling Prices on the TCGplayer Marketplace and/or My Store Channels
  • Buying Prices for your TCGplayer Buylist inventory


4. Name your rule (e.g. Mythic Rares) using the text box at the top of the screen.

5. Select options for the following areas to determine which products will be updated when your rule is run. You can select multiple options and the rule will apply to all your choices.

a. Update Products - Choose which products will be updated when the rule is run.

  • Any with Price: When selected, all products you have a Price for, including items with 0 quantity, will be updated when the rule is run.
  • My Inventory Only: When selected, only items you have in stock will be updated. Note: Does not include items with 0 quantity.

b. Update Channel - Choose which Channel will be updated when the rule is run. This option is only available for Selling Prices.

  • TCGplayer Marketplace Prices - When selected, the Marketplace Price for the products outlined in the rule will be updated. This is the default option when only one channel (Marketplace) is enabled.
  • My Store Prices - When selected, the My Store Price for the products outlined in the rule will be updated. This option is only available when the My Store channel is enabled.

c. Category (required) - Choose the product category you want to update, then select the desired Group, Rarity, Printing, Condition and Language for the chosen Category.

Note: Selecting additional criteria will dynamically populate the available options remaining. For example, if you select Category = Magic, the Group will only display Magic options instead of all groups for all product lines.

d. Price Filter - When selected, only products whose prices are currently within the desired range will be updated.


6. When the correct product groups have been selected, click "Continue" to move on to Step 2: Define Pricing.

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