Mass Price Your Inventory

If you're a Pro Seller using MassPrice, you can go to your My Rules page to see the rules you've written. You can then preview, run, edit or delete those rules. Click the ellipses next to a rule and select the appropriate action from the dropdown.



To run your rules:

1. Go to the My Rules page and click on the ellipses next the rule you want to run, then select "Run Rule" from the dropdown menu.



2. You will see a prompt with the option to preview or run your rule.



3. If you choose to run your rule, the changes will be applied immediately. Selecting the Preview Rule option will display the changes your rule would make to your prices, without actually applying them. Changes are paginated by 100 results with the greatest changes (+/-) appearing first. To apply all of the previewed changes, click "Update Prices."


Note: Clicking on the $ and % change columns of the Rule Preview page should sort the previewed changes according to their absolute value, so you can quickly review the most drastic changes.


4. Once the rule has successfully run, the "Last Run" timestamp will be updated on the Rules page.


5. To view your rules and your most recent activity, visit your Dashboard.


Canceling Rules

If you need to cancel a rule before it runs, go to the Activity Log page, find the rule you're looking for and select the "Cancel" button.

Look for the "Canceled" confirmation message to make sure your rule was successfully canceled.


Retrying Failed Rules

You can view failed rules in the Activity Log. You can choose to run the rule again by hitting the "Retry" button.

For an overview of the TCGplayer MassPrice App, read Getting Started with MassPrice.

If you're a Pro Seller and you want to access the app, visit our website.

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