Mass Price Your Inventory

If you're a Pro Seller using MassPrice, once you save your rule, you can go to your Pricing Rules and see the complete rule. You'll then have two options: Either select "Edit" to update the rule or select "Run Rule" to run it.


To mass price your inventory, click "Run Rule". Once the rule runs, the app will calculate all the changes and display a table of results for review. Those results will be paginated by 100.

If you're happy with your updates, you can choose the "Apply Update" option to commit all changes. Once your rules are created, you can run them as frequently as you want with just the click of a button.


To run your rules:

1. Go to the "My Rules" page and click on the "Run Rule" button next to each rule you want to run.


2. You'll see a Rule Preview of what changes will be applied with that rule. Click "Update Prices" to commit the changes.


Note: Sorting on the $ and % change columns of the Rule Preview page should be on absolute value of the change to ensure the sort shows which cards changed most drastically. When there's no Market Price, the app will identify that no change was made.


3. Once the rule has successfully run, the "Last Run" timestamp will be updated on the Rules page.

4. To view your rules and your most recent activity, visit your Dashboard.


For an overview of the TCGplayer MassPrice App, read this help file.


If you're a Pro Seller and you want to access the app, visit our website.

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