Choosing Your Settings

It's easy to adjust your settings within the TCGplayer App. Simply go to the You section in the bottom right corner and tap the Settings under the Options section.

Updating the Card Database

To download the latest card database, simply go to your Settings and click on Check for Database Update (under "Updates"). If an update is available, you'll receive an alert asking if you'd like to download and install the card database.

Once you download the card database from the cloud, the app will be up-to-date with all the latest product and pricing data.

Price Data: Mid, Low, Direct Low, Market or Trade-In High

You can choose from TCGplayer Mid, Low, Direct Low, Market Price and Trade-In High. Simply click on the pricing option to toggle between the five options.




Sound: On or Off

You can choose whether or not the app plays sounds simply by toggling Play Sounds.




Scan Speed & Accuracy

You can choose the Scanner Verification Level (1, 2, 3 or 5) depending on your preferences.

  • 1 - The fastest scan setting - identifies cards in a single pass, but some results may be inaccurate
  • 2 - Double-checks scanned cards for greater accuracy
  • 3 - Triple-checks scanned cards for greater accuracy, even in varied lighting
  • 5 - The slowest, most accurate scan setting - keep the blue rectangle focused on the cards for five consecutive frames

Export Type

You can choose from a variety of export options.

  • Clipboard Export: Plain Text or CSV
  • Email Export: Plain Text or CSV
  • Export Email as Attachment: On or Off
  • File Export: Plain Text or CSV
  • Other App Export: Plain Text or CSV



To adjust the output even further, you can click on either Plain Text Output Settings or CSV Output Settings. Clicking one of these options will open a menu that lets you toggle a variety of features on and off.



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