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Adding In-Store Pickup Options to Your Pro Website

The checkout experience for your Pro Seller by TCGplayer website includes an in-store pickup option. This will give your customers the opportunity to pick up their orders in your physical store rather than having them shipped. You won't be charged the 2.5% Pro fee for in-store pickup transactions, and you'll only be charged a transaction fee for any Pay Now in-store pickup orders.

In the cart order summary, there is a radio button for In-store pickup when the option is offered by the store selected.


You have the ability to turn in-store pickup on and off at any point, plus choose whether you want to accept Pay Now orders, Pay Later orders, or both. To adjust your in-store pickup settings, go to the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab. You'll see a section with checkboxes that lets you enable different in-store pickup options. Note that in order to process Kiosk orders, In-Store Pickup- Pay Later must be checked.

In-Store Pickup options under TCGplayer Pro Settings include options for enabling Pay Now or Pay Later.

If one or both of the in-store pickup options is enabled, you'll see in-store pickup as active within your Shipping Options. If you select "Set as Inactive" on the Shipping Options page, all in-store pickup options on the TCGplayer Pro Settings page will be set as Inactive.

Under the My Details tab for Pro sellers, you can go to Shipping settings to view the In-Store Pickup options you have enabled. You can also disable them from this page.



Pay Now

If the customer selects Pay Now, they'll complete their transaction and purchase the cards. Their list will be sent to you as a completed order and the products will be removed from your inventory automatically. The customer will then pick up those products in your physical store at their convenience.


Example: A customer lives close enough to your physical store to pick up the products rather than having them shipped. They need the cards that they ordered as soon as possible and don't want to wait for shipping.



Pay Later 

When a customer selects pay later, their order will be sent to your Orders tab like any other order, and the products will be removed from your inventory. You can print both pull sheets and packing slips for these orders and get them prepared for the customer. When the customer picks up the order, you will ring them up through your store’s point of sale, then mark the order as Picked Up in your Seller Portal

Note: There is no minimum purchase amount required for Pay Later orders, since you'll process them in your store. The customer will be required to enter their first and last name and email address at checkout, so it's easy for you to retrieve the correct order when that customer comes into your store for pickup.


On the order page for sellers, you can identify In-Store Pickup orders by looking in the Shipping Type column.


Example: A customer is able to check your online inventory, see what you have available and add items to their cart. When they're ready to check out, they can select the in-store pickup option and choose Pay Later. You will receive the order on your Orders tab. You can pull the order and have it ready for the customer when they come into the store. Once the order is placed, your inventory will be updated to reflect it.


Viewing Your Orders 

You can see all of your orders, including in-store pickup orders, in the Orders tab in your Seller Portal.

Here you can filter this information between the different types of orders and how they were placed:

  • All Channels - This is the default setting that includes Marketplace and My Store orders

  • TCGplayer Marketplace - These are orders placed through the TCGplayer Marketplace (rather than your Pro Seller by TCGplayer website).

  • My Store - This includes Pay Now in-store orders, Pay Later in-store Orders, and Kiosk orders. 

Additional Channel Info allows you to filter your orders by shipping options, Normal, Direct, or In-Store Pickup.

On the order tab, you can use the Order Channel and Additional Channel Info filters to change the orders displayed.


When you activate in-store pickup, you'll be able to view orders and progress their status through the seller order admin view. There's an in-store pickup box that shows different statuses for the order.

You can progress the order through the following workflow:

  • Order Received - This is the initial status the order is in when it is created by a customer and sent to you.

  • Pulling - This button triggers an automated email to the customer indicating the order is currently being pulled together for them.

  • Ready for Pickup - This button triggers an automated email to the customer indicating the order is ready to be picked up.

  • Picked Up - This button triggers an automated email to the customer indicating the order has been picked up.

  • Canceled - If you select Full Refund, that will change the status to Canceled. Once it is canceled, you cannot return it to another status.

Note: The Pulling, Ready for Pickup and Picked Up must be pressed in that order. If you press these buttons out of order, you won't be able to return to a previous step. For example, if you accidentally select Ready for Pickup instead of Pulling, you won't be able to go back and select Pulling for that order.


On an individual order page, the In-Store Pickup box displays the order status as well as buttons for updating the status to Pulling, Ready for Pickup, or Picked Up.

Change Log

  • 4/14/22 - Updated screenshots and instructions to reflect changes to settings.
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