TCGplayer Buylist Becoming "Trade-In"

We’re updating the name of TCGplayer Buylist to "TCGplayer Trade-In." As we begin migrating to this new name, you’ll see "Trade-In" in some areas and "Buylist" in others. You'll also notice a new user experience and logo design for the program.

Why are we renaming the Buylist?

The term “buylist,” while familiar to many members of our community, can be confusing to newer players and collectors. Based on player feedback and our team’s research, we found the name “Trade-In” to be better at conveying the idea of selling your cards to stores or trading them in for store credit.

Why is this happening now?

We just launched version 2.0 of the TCGplayer App, which includes the ability to scan Magic cards to our Trade-In service. The arrival of this highly requested feature was our first opportunity to update the name.

Are the rules of the program changing?

Not at all! If you've used the Buylist before, you’ll find the process is exactly the same. The only things changing are the name (to TCGplayer Trade-In) and the ability to use the TCGplayer App to scan cards and find offers from stores.

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