Hiding Out-of-Stock Products and Sets

Your TCGplayer Pro website shows all the products and sets included for each game that you carry. However, you can choose to hide products and sets without inventory. That way if something is out of stock or you don’t carry a particular product or set, customers won’t find those items in the navigation or search results.

First, go to the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab in your Seller Portal and scroll down to the Pro Store Inventory Display section. You'll see two options, both of which are enabled by default:

    • Hide sets with no inventory

    • Hide products with no inventory

In the TCGplayer Pro Settings box, Pro Store Inventory Display options are located at the bottom.


When you select "Hide sets with no inventory," the navigation bar at the top of your Pro website will be updated to reflect this. If the setting is enabled, only sets for which you have inventory will be shown.

In this example the navigation drop-down for Magic displays multiple sets selected to be included categories.


The categories list will also be updated to reflect the "Hide sets with no inventory" setting. If the setting is enabled, only sets for which you have inventory will be shown.

In this example the Magic page displays multiple sets that were selected to be displayed categories.


If you select "Hide products with no inventory," the search results will be updated to reflect this setting.

If the setting is disabled, all products will be shown.

This example search page highlights a card that is listed as unavailable. Instead of having a price listed on the results page, you see Unavailable.


Your customers will have the ability to apply a filter to Exclude Out of Stock, if they only wish to see items in stock in the search results.

Near the bottom of the search filters list there is an Available Items section with a checkbox for Exclude Out of Stock.

If the setting is enabled, only products in inventory will be shown.

An example store page with all items in stock, which is apparent because all have prices listed.


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