TCGplayer Prize Wall

TCGplayer Prize Wall is a great way to reward your players and incentivize them to attend your events. You can add it to any preexisting tournament or recurring event.

Advantages of Prize Wall

Flexibility - You don’t have to worry about carrying stock and prizes for your smaller games, like Future Card Buddyfight or Dragon Ball Super. We're always adding new items to our Prizes page.

Simplicity - Instead of trying to juggle five different recurring weekly events and their prizes, use our kits to streamline your process.

Instant ROI - Each point is worth approximately $1. Our $10 kit comes with 15 points to give your players. That means that you can easily provide your players with enticing rewards.

Free Marketing - When you purchase our kits, you also get the chance to add your event to our calendar, which is displayed on our high-traffic website and customized to target players geographically close to you.

Universal - Players can use points they win toward any of the prizes on our wall. This means that if they win a Pokémon tournament, they can use those points toward Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! or even some of the board games and movies that are listed on our Prize Wall.



Running a Successful Prize Wall Event

1. Decide how often you want to run an event. Recurring events that your players learn to count on are more likely to be successful than one-time events and are more likely to generate repeat customers who will become regulars.

2. Browse our Prize Wall Kits.

3. Choose a kit that reflects how many players you anticipate. Our kits are labeled by player size, and while there is no attendance cap, ordering the right size kit ensures you have adequate prize support.

4. Within one business day of ordering the kits, you will receive an email from asking for details about your event. This will ensure your event is added to our calendar, maximizing your advertising.

5. Tell your players how to take advantage of their points. Make sure they know how to redeem their points and that their points will never expire.

6. Make sure your players know when the next Prize Wall event is so they can come back and earn more points.



Marketing Materials

Each Prize Wall event comes with the opportunity to advertise your store to players near you. Below is an example of a Prize Wall event and calendar as they’re seen on the site.


The calendar has an algorithm that balances physical proximity and date. For example, there are two events that take place on the 15th, but one is lower on the list because it is farther away from the player. In this way, you can make sure your events are being shown to relevant potential customers.



What Players Need to Know About Prize Wall

Part of making your events successful is making sure your players know just how awesome the Prize Wall is. Make sure they know that their points never expire, so they can continue to earn as long as they want. Encourage them to visit our Prizes page so they can see the great prizes and value they can earn. This includes exclusive tokens and playmats, as well as a great value on products like deck boxes, binders and their favorite games. The Prize Wall is always updating, too, so they should check back frequently to see what’s new.



Prize Wall FAQ

Q: Can my employees participate in events and redeem points?

A: Tournament organizers and store owners may not participate in events they are responsible for running. If your employee is the one running the event or helping to judge it, they may not get points from that event. However, they may participate in other events if they are involved solely as a player.


Q: What is the Kickstarter token?

A: The Kickstarter is a point that all your players can redeem as a bonus for showing up to events. Unlike other points, which can only be redeemed once, the Kickstarter token can be redeemed an infinite number of times. However, each account can only redeem one Kickstarter point.


Q: How do I use the Kickstarter token?

A: You can choose to scratch off the token and display it somewhere in your store (such as near the cash register) or pass it around to players at an event. You can even hang up a sign with the code on it. It is advised that you use the code to entice players to show up to your event.


Q: My players want to trade their points in for store credit. Can I buy their points for store credit and use them myself?

A: No. As a registered store owner, you are not allowed to redeem Prize Wall points. The points are for your players, and attempting to substitute prizes or use them yourself will result in your order being canceled.


Q: What happens if I don’t have enough players to run an event?

A: If your event doesn’t fire, you may reschedule an event for a later date. Email to officially reschedule.


Q: How does the online marketing work?

A: When someone uses our website, the Prize Wall widget will detect their location and show them a list of events prioritized by both the event size and their proximity to it. In addition, if the user has a site on our account, their past purchase history influences what events they are shown. For example, a player who buys predominantly Dice Masters will be shown Dice Masters events.


Q: My players are having trouble redeeming their code/reading the scratch-off code. What should I tell them?

A: Tell your players to email our customer service team for assistance.


Q: My players don’t have an account with How do they redeem the points?

A: While a TCGplayer account is required to redeem Prize Wall points, setting your account up is quick and easy.


Q: Are players allowed to trade or transfer points?

A: Points can only be redeemed once, but if a player wants to give or trade their points with another player, that is up to them.


Q: How often are new prizes added to the Prize Wall?

A: The Prize Wall is always updating, and new prizes are added as new sets release or new products become available.


Q: My players want something that is not on the Prize Wall. Is there a way to add the item they want onto the Prize Wall?

A: Tell your players to email us with suggestions for what they would like to see on the Prize Wall. We welcome feedback and suggestions!

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