Showing, Hiding & Rearranging Columns in Quicklist

You can show, hide and rearrange columns within TCGplayer Quicklist to streamline and simplify your workflow. That way you can customize your experience using Quicklist so it fits your store's specific needs and processes.

To customize your columns, open the Quicklist software and click on the column icon (to the right of the "Restore Defaults" button) in the navigation. A "Column Options" popup will appear.

Unused columns will be on the left ("Available Columns") while visible columns will be on the right ("Selected Columns"). Highlight the column title and use the left/right arrows to change visibility settings or use the up/down arrows to change the order in which the column(s) appear. You can also set the column default width using the "Width" option on the right.


To change the Low Price/High Price column visibility, use the "Show Sell Prices / Show Buy Prices" toggle at the bottom of the screen.

The "Show Sell Prices" option shows the Low Price column. 


The "Show Buy Prices" option also shows the High Price column.


To return the columns back to their default settings, click on the "Restore Defaults" button.


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