Clearing Your Live Inventory

Do you need to clear out your live inventory? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the Pricing tab in the Seller Portal and select your live inventory. A “Clear Live Inventory” button will appear.


2. Click on the “Clear Live Inventory” button. A popup will appear to confirm you want to clear your inventory.


a. If the email address matches the Sales Contact Email listed in the My Details tab of the Seller Portal, the system will remove all products from your live inventory. It will return you to the Pricing tab, and a “Live inventory has cleared successfully” alert will appear.


b. If the email does not match, you will receive the following message:


i. Clicking “Cancel” will close the popup and no actions will be taken.

ii. Clicking “Clear Live Inventory” will initiate another popup asking for the Sales Contact Email. Note: The (located here) link will take you to the My Details tab of the Seller Portal where you can find your Sales Contact Email.

Note: If you're a store owner with a TCGplayer Pro account, users with subaccounts must have permission to clear the live inventory.

a. You can check authorization for each user by going to User Role under the TCGplayer Pro Settings tab.

b. Within “All Pricing Actions,” either “All Pricing Actions” or “Pricing - Clear Live Inventory” should be checked for a user to be able to clear the live inventory.



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