How do I clear my live inventory?

It's easy to clear all or part of your inventory!

Before you clear any of your inventory, we highly recommend using the Export From Live button in the Pricing tab to export a copy of your full Live inventory. That way, you'll have a backup in case you need that quantity and pricing information later.


1. To start, click the Delete Inventory button on the Pricing tab of the Seller Portal. The button is below the Product Catalog, so you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.


2.  Clicking Delete Inventory will open a modal with drop-down options for Product Line, Set(s) and Delete Type. 

  • Product Line - you can choose to delete All Product Lines or a specific product line (Magic, YuGioh, etc.)
  • Set(s) - you can delete all sets from a product line, or you can specify a single set to be deleted (Kaladesh, Amonket, etc.)
  • Delete Type - there are four options to select from:


  • Delete Live Inventory: Total Quantity


  • Delete Live Inventory: All Quantity and Prices


  • Delete Live Inventory: My Store Reserve Quantity

Note: To see this option, you must have Channels enabled.


  • Delete Live Inventory: My Store Prices and Reserve Quantity

Note: To see this option, you must have Channels enabled.


3. Next, enter your sales contact email address in the text box. You can find this address in the My Details tab of your Seller Portal.


4. Once you enter your address, the button at the bottom will turn red. Click it to finish deleting the selected quantities and prices.

The button's text will update automatically to reflect the quantities and prices you've selected to delete.


5. You'll see a confirmation message like the one below. You're done!



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