Unstable Variants - Seller Policy Statement

For presale orders made prior to the Unstable variant reveal:

Please ship your customers the version of the card they purchased prior to the reveal. 

If you are having trouble fulfilling all of these presale orders, please email our Customer Service team at sales@TCGplayer.com or contact your Customer Success Manager right away to let them know so they can help you resolve these orders.

We will gladly assist you with any affected orders and block any negative feedback received.

If a customer wants a different version of the card than what they purchased prior to the reveal:

If a Buyer contacts you to advise they no longer want the version of the card they had purchased prior to the reveal, please issue them a full refund so they can purchase the version of the card they prefer.

Please keep in mind that customers may cancel a presale order for any reason without any penalty or restocking fees. For more information, check out our help file on Presales.

Should you receive any negative feedback for these orders, we will work with you to block it so it doesn’t negatively impact your Seller account.

We also suggest reviewing your current Presale listings and inventory so you can adjust your listings accordingly in preparation for the new release. 

To see the full list of variants, please read the Wizards of the Coast article.

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