Exporting Pending RIs

You have the option to pull products for your pending RIs before they are completed and sent to you. You can do this by exporting your pending RI using the following steps:

1. In the Orders or Direct tab of the Seller Portal, click on the Export Pending RI button.

a. All Pending RI (default) - Exports all orders for the current RI period          


b. Latest Pending RI - Only exports orders created since the last time the Export Pending RI was generated

    • You'll be shown the last time the export was generated in the following format: “Latest Pending RI was last generated hh;mm, MM/DD/YYYY By email@domain”.
    • If a "Latest Pending RI" export has not been run for the current RI period, you will not see any text, as in the picture above.


Clicking the Export button on the modal will generate the CSV.

2. A new section called Pending Reimbursement Invoice is included in the Reimbursement Invoices (RI) section of the TCGplayer Direct tab. Here you will see:


a. Pending Products: The number of products that are currently in a Direct order that has not been generated in an RI yet

b. Pending Value: The value of the products listed above

c. View Products button: This will take you to a new Details Pending page with buttons to:

  • View Included Orders
  • Message TCGplayer
  • Packing Slip CSV - CSV of the packing slip
  • Reimbursement Invoice Details section will include:
    • Seller
    • Reimbursement Invoice Number
    • Current Product Count
    • Current Product Value
  • Reimbursement Details section will include:
    • Category
    • Set Name
    • Product
    • Expected Condition
    • Quantity
    • Value
    • Export Pending RI button



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