Quicklist Troubleshooting

Through Pro Seller by TCGplayer, you have access to our TCGplayer Quicklist Card Scanning Software, which you can use to effortlessly scan cards and update your inventory. While it is incredibly accurate and easy to use, sometimes there may be instances when things don’t work properly, whether it’s due to similar-looking cards, a hardware malfunction, or human error. For information on how to troubleshoot the most common problems, keep reading! 

Situation: You receive an error message that reads, “Error transferring https://api.tcgplayer.com/inventory/productLists/ - server replied: Not Found.”

Solution: Check the list in Quicklist to see if any cards have a printing of “false.” If so, remove those cards and try to resubmit the list. If the list still does not work, contact our Customer Service Team.

Situation: You receive an error message that reads, “You do not have permission to access this product list.”

Solution: Try to reauthorize your Quicklist installation. 

Situation: Quicklist is not recognizing your camera. 

Solution: Check to see if your device is recognizing the camera outside of Quicklist.

1. If the device does not recognize the camera, you’ll need to consult the camera’s manufacturer’s installation guide. Note: This is outside the scope of our technical support. 

2. If Quicklist is not recognizing the camera, but the device can recognize the camera outside the program:

  • Check in Quicklist settings to make sure the camera can be selected. If not, try unplugging it and plugging it back in. A different USB port may be required. Note: Docs, hubs, and other devices designed to create more USB ports might not provide enough power. Try plugging the camera into a direct USB port.
  • Check to make sure all drivers are up-to-date. You may be able to go to the “Devices” section in the control panel to verify the drivers are current.

3. If you can still click the “OK” and use the camera, disregard the error and continue use.

Situation: Your camera worked before, but stopped working after an update.

Solution: If a recent Windows update has occurred, the graphics card may be affected if the operating system is older than Windows 10. Hardware issues are beyond the scope of our technical support. Some solutions may include:

  • Updating hardware drivers
  • Disabling graphics controllers
  • Updating graphics card software

Situation: You have trouble scanning cards from a new game or new set.

Solution: Update the category by going to “Update Product Data” under “Updates.” 

Situation: Updating your product data is slow.

Solution: Verify your internet connection is established and working properly.

  • If internet services are being used by other applications, especially those using high bandwidths (i.e. music downloads or streaming), close out the other applications.
  • Check to make sure your antivirus program is not interfering with the Quicklist Application. If necessary, you can consult available options for disabling the antivirus.
  • If downloads are still slow after closing the other applications, try restarting the Quicklist Application. 

Situation: You made a list and tried to remove the items from your inventory, but they aren’t removed.


  • Verify that you’re in “Live” inventory, and not “Staged.”
  • Verify the quantity has been decreased properly.
  • Verify that the action has been “saved.”

Situation: The Quicklist Application freezes, slows, and/or displays a message that states the system is using too much processing power to run Quicklist.


  • Go to “Settings” and use the dropdown menu within camera settings to reduce the camera’s resolution. 
  • Close out other high-usage applications (use the Task Manager if necessary).
  • Verify you have the recommended RAM (minimum 8GB). If not, this is a hardware issue and is outside the scope of our technical support.
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