TCGplayer Updating Estimated Delivery Times 


We understand that shipping delays from USPS result in additional stress on you as a seller. This is why we had previously expanded our expected delivery window last August. As the USPS continues to experience delays with their delivery time frames we are updating our buyer-facing delivery windows to support you.

TCGplayer Is Increasing Estimated Delivery Times

Starting this Wednesday, April 14th we will be updating the shopping cart and buyer transactional emails so that the current 9 business day delivery window will instead show 12-15 days for domestic packages. We have used internal data and market research to determine these changes.

We do not believe this will have any impact on buyer purchases, based on the information we used to determine these new estimated delivery dates. This, along with it being well known that the USPS has been facing many challenges over the last year, make this change an agreeable solution for both parties.  We believe this update will increase our buyer sentiment by setting more realistic estimated delivery dates prior to them making their purchases. At this point, all international and priority shipping times will remain the same. 


In the meantime, if you are contacted by a buyer who has not received their order after the current estimated delivery date, please ask them to wait two additional days for their order to arrive to allow for the shipping delays.

How Will TCGplayer Protect Me From Negative Feedback?

We will block any negative feedback associated with late or missing packages as long as the order was shipped within 48 hours. If you do receive negative feedback due to shipping delays, contact our customer service team here, and we will take care of the rest.

Missing Package Seller Safeguard

We know that it's not always practical to add tracking to every package but you are always covered 100% by TCGplayer when a buyer reports an order with tracking as missing. Follow the steps here and our customer service team will credit you for the missing order.

What Happens If the Order Shows up After It Was Refunded?

If you issue a refund for an order that did not arrive and the buyer contacts you later to say they received it, follow these steps here. Our customer service team will ensure you are fully credited for the order.

We understand that these difficulties are out of our community’s control and present many challenges to our sellers. We are here to support you and value your business. We will continue to make changes as needed to support you.

Team TCGplayer

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