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We care about your security on our site, so TCGplayer is proud to be 100% PCI compliant. We  use internet standard 128-bit secure encryption technology for all checkout pages (HTTPS).

If you choose to manage your payment methods by saving your credit card information on our site, rest assured that we securely tokenize all of the information you choose to share with us. Tokenization is a technology that enables a token (or alias) to replace your credit card number in an electronic transaction.   In the process of tokenization, actual cardholder data is used in the payment transaction only, once the transaction is authorized, this token or reference number is meant to prevent the theft of your credit card information during electronic transmission. The token takes the place of the cardholder data and as this token number cannot be monetized there is no concern over sensitive information being breached.

Additionally, our Sellers only receive information that lets them know where to ship the package and what should go in the package - they are never provided credit card numbers, as once again, even TCGplayer does not have access to that tokenized information.

As TCGplayer does not store your actual Credit Card information, there is no way TCGplayer staff or our Sellers have access to your secure information. You may opt out of storing your credit card details with TCGplayer at anytime by logging into your TCGplayer account and clicking the “My Account” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can then choose “Manage Payment Methods” and delete any stored credit card information for your account.

We appreciate that you choose to shop with TCGplayer and we value the privacy and protection of the information for every guest of our site. Please message if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

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