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In 1998, we started building content sites based around the hobby games we love. We witnessed these games gaining popularity during our day jobs at the local hobby store, and, thanks to the support and encouragement of our friends and family, our first simple sites grew from pure HTML to be the first that incorporated the use of databases for archiving articles and decks. We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings of mining the USENET for user-submitted tournament strategies and reports!

Today, TCGplayer.com is the premiere online shopping experience for collectibles. Our goal is to be your one-stop location for comparing prices and purchasing your favorite collectible gaming products. To do all that, we connect with major eCommerce dealers in the industry and put all of that product information in one place so our buyers don't have to bounce around from store to storeyou’re free to combine products from multiple stores into a single checkout experience! We give you the freedom to pick and choose the best-priced singles and sealed products from thousands of individual sellers and hobby shops all across the country.

We take this to the next level with TCGplayer Direct and TCGplayer Pro. With TCGplayer Direct, you can get your cards graded by a second set of eyes and have them all shipped together in a single package, straight from the carefully managed inventory right at TCGplayer. Our amazing customer service team is standing by to help you out and we have a Perfect Delivery Guarantee, making it easier than ever to get the collectibles you crave.

TCGplayer Pro connects brick and mortar hobby shops with tools to help you grow your in-store and online businesses. We set each Pro seller up with a Customer Success Manager who acts as your direct line to TCGplayer and can help you navigate all our resources. Our Pro tools feature a buylist to replenish your inventory, MassPrice for speedy batch pricing, the Pro Retail App and Pro Showcase, a kiosk you can use to display your inventory to your in-store customers. We’re proud to be helping local hobby stores like the one that gave us our start!

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