How do I process refunds?

If a customer cancels an order or asks for a refund, you’ll need to find it in the Orders tab of your Seller Portal to process it. Once complete, TCGplayer will send the buyer a notification email.

(Please note that per the Marketplace Seller Agreement, you are required to have sufficient inventory on hand to fulfill all orders on time.)

How to Issue a Full or Partial Refund

1. In the Orders tab of your Seller Portal, click on the order number to view the details of the order you want to cancel or refund. You can also access the order directly from any messages you exchanged with the buyer about it.

2. Click either the “Full Refund” or “Partial Refund” button at the top of the screen.


3. Select the “Refund Origin” and “Refund Reason” using the dropdown menus.

  • “Refund Origin” will indicate which party (customer service representative, seller or buyer) initiated the refund.


  • “Refund Reason” will indicate why the refund was initiated/requested.
    Selecting an accurate refund reason helps us track buyer refund behavior, which gives us data to ensure buyers are not abusing our refund policies! Please choose the reason that best fits the refund you are providing.
    • Refund Reasons:
      • General - Cancellation - The buyer requested cancellation of the order before it shipped.
      • Package - Damaged - The order was damaged in transit.
      • Package - Missing - The order went missing in transit and has not been located by the buyer or USPS (or another shipping partner).
      • Package - Undeliverable - The order was not deliverable to the address (specified on tracking updates from USPS or another carrier).
      • Package - Wrong Address - The order was sent to the incorrect address or the buyer provided the incorrect address.
      • Product - Condition Issue - The customer requested a refund due to a condition problem with one or more of the products in the order (ex: they believe a card is Moderately Played instead of Lightly Played).
      • Product - Inventory Issue - One or more products in the order was unavailable to ship due to an inventory mismatch or lack of product from a distributo.


4. “Inventory Changes” lets you choose whether or not you want to add the products in the order back into your inventory.

  • “Do Not Adjust Inventory” - The products in the order will not be added back into your inventory.
  • “Adjust Inventory” - After finalizing the order refund, the products in the order will be added back into your inventory. Note: You will need to enter the quantity of cards you want to be added back into your inventory. Inventory will go to Staged if there is no quantity in your Live inventory.



  • If you’re issuing a partial refund, you’ll need to enter a value in the “Return Quantity to Inventory” column in the Order Products & Shipping section at the bottom of the page. This indicates the quantity to be added back to your inventory after you select the “Partial Refund Order” button. If you select the “Adjust Inventory” option above, you can choose the “Return Quantity to Inventory” column.This will default to the difference of the product value minus the previous refund quantity. It will never be a negative value. Note:  If you select “Do Not Adjust Inventory,” the “Return Quantity to Inventory” option will not be shown. 

5. Click the “Give Refund” button.


There will be a message box to type in a reason for the refund. This is to provide additional details about the order cancellation. The message will be displayed to the buyer in the email they receive about their order being fully or partially refunded. Please add a brief, but descriptive explanation to the text box for why the order is being refunded.

Example refund reason for missing order: “We are refunding your order because it did not arrive by the estimated delivery date. If your order arrives after the refund, please let us know so we can work with TCGplayer for repayment!”


The fees that were taken from the order will be included in the refund amount. However, the $0.30 processing fee associated with PayPal and Credit Card orders is non-refundable on full refunds initiated by the seller.

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