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TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping is a promotion for Buyers that only select Sellers can opt into. Sellers who participate in the program will ship your order for free as long as you have $25.00 worth of items in your cart at checkout.

To the Buyer, the TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping program means:
  • You must order at least $25.00 of specially marked TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping items to receive free shipping from each Seller you wish to qualify from.
  • All single cards by Sellers that opt in are flagged as TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping, and a special Icon is shown on the price listing line for your products.
  • Via “Buy This Deck” and “Mass Entry Text Boxes” you can easily just list all the products you want, hit a button, and have returned to you the cheapest priced cards ready for checkout. Sellers that meet some of our minimum qualifications each month have the option of being listed for TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping for all product lines.
Fine Print:
Applies to the 48 contiguous United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii addresses.
Currently TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping is only offered on trading card game singles.
To receive FREE shipping from each store that qualifies, items in your cart can ONLY contain items that qualify for TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping. Any non-qualifying items within an order will bring up normal shipping options for that store unless you remove the non-TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping items from your cart.
Applies only to orders with at least $25 of qualifying items from a vendor, prior to taxes or any other fees.
Excludes items that do not include a statement that they are eligible for TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping on their product page.
TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping is typically First Class shipping when available (5-8 business days.)
We reserve the right to change or discontinue TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping at any time.

To the Seller, the TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping program means:
  • Each seller has a special icon on their price listings denoting them as a
    “TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping” Seller.
  • “Buy This Deck” and “Mass Card Entry Text Boxes” will factor in the bonus shipping option for their calculations. When used by the customer, these applications find the absolute lowest price for every item they wish to buy from all Sellers.
The customer can add specially marked TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping items to their cart. For each Seller that they have over $25.00 of items in their cart they will receive a Free Shipping option. From TCGplayer’s end, this is a highly promoted program. Not only via Marketing and store alerts but also via utilities, website and mobile apps. They all tie together to promote the ease that a customer can place a large volume of cards into our system, hit a button, and be provided these products without the headaches of shipping/handling tied into the equation. 
TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping Eligibility:
  • You must have 50 or more sales through the TCGplayer platform.
  • Maintain a 99.5% or better Feedback Rating for 30/90/365 day evaluations.
  • Respond to all Buyer Messages in under 2 days.
Eligibility to opt into the TCGplayer Super Saver Shipping program is updated each day. Calculations are based on the previous 90 days. During those 90 days you must have over 75 Completed Sales, and a Feedback Ratio of 99.5% or higher. 

Once you are eligible for the program, you may choose to activate or deactivate the Super Saver Shipping program at anytime, to do so, please access your Seller Dashboard and underSettings: Free Shipping check or un-check the "Yes" checkbox as seen below.

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