What is a Certified Hobby Shop?


Certified Hobby Shops are sellers that have officially verified with TCGplayer that they are a licensed reseller of gaming merchandise and have a storefront location. The black canopy icon guarantees that a buyer is purchasing their product from a genuine brick and mortar game store.

It’s easy to search for products from Certified Hobby Shops. Simply use the Verified Seller filter on our product pages and look for the Certified Hobby Shop icon in the results. CHS_2.png


If you are a seller who would like to register as a Certified Hobby Shop, all you need to do is click on the chatbot icon in the bottom right of this page and type in "CHS". Then, supply the following information:


  • Your seller name on TCGplayer
  • Your physical store name
  • The store owner’s full name
  • A picture of the front of your store with signage (one image)
  • The state your store is located in
  • A picture of the interior of your store (one image)*  
  • How you learned about the Certified Hobby Shop program


*Please keep in mind that any images of the inside of your store that contain customers or staff members must either obscure the person’s face or you must have written permission from the customer or staff member to use their image in promotional materials.


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