Reimbursement Invoice Guide

Orders shipped by TCGplayer Direct will be compiled into a Reimbursement Invoice (RI) that will be available within your Seller Admin Panel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:00 AM EST. The items contained on this pull sheet should be packaged and shipped to us within one business day.

Reimbursement Invoices will be sent to you once you’ve either sold $300 worth of cards or after a two-week period, whichever comes first. This will allow us to maintain enough cards in stock to continue processing orders, while also enabling you to ship only when you've exceeded thresholds that allow for the comfortable shipping of reimbursements.

Each Reimbursement Invoice will reflect all of the items that TCGplayer Direct has mailed to Buyers on your behalf since your most recent Reimbursement Invoice.

The Reimbursement Invoice will be laid out in a specific order with regard to Card Condition, Set Name, Card Name and Quantity. The order is importantyou’ll need to deliver the cards to us in this same order so we can efficiently process the cards when they arrive here.

You can print these pull sheets from the Seller Admin Panel and review past Reimbursement Invoices for any discrepancies.

All packages will be checked by a TCGplayer Reimbursement Specialist upon the arrival of your package, and the quantity and quality of each card will be verified.

For instructions on how to package your Reimbursement Invoice, please review our Packing Instructions.

Note: When a completed TCGplayer Direct order is canceled for any reason before the RI is generated, the cards will be included in your next RI and TCGplayer will honor the sale. The orders will appear to have been paid and refunded in your payment information at the time of the cancelation, but when the RI is fulfilled, we'll pay you for the entirety of the RI.

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