TCGplayer Direct - Reimbursement Invoice Discrepancy Adjustments

You will be sent a Reimbursement Invoice to restock the TCGplayer Direct Inventory for orders shipped under this program.

In the event that your Reimbursement Invoice arrives with cards missing or with cards that do not meet our expectations for condition, TCGplayer will place an order for the necessary cards through another TCGplayer Direct Seller so that we may maintain our inventory.

Cards that are received that are extra or that do not meet our expectations for condition are added to your Seller Extra Inventory to be held until requested.

The cost of these replacement cards will be applied to your account.

This charge will be the greater of either:

1) The price you charged for that card from the order in question.

2) The average of the price that the card in question has sold for in its most recent 50 transactions.

TCGplayer reserves the right to cancel any Reimbursement Invoice that does not have tracking added within four days and to replace the cards on that Reimbursement Invoice following the above methods.

You will be able to view any charges associated with discrepancies in the Seller Portal within each completed Reimbursement Invoice.

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