What if there are discrepancies in my RI?

After you sell cards through TCGplayer Direct, we’ll send you a Reimbursement Invoice (RI): a list of cards for you to ship us to restock our inventory, which represent the cards from your Direct orders. If there is a discrepancy in your RI shipment, we may charge your account for the cost to resolve the discrepancy.

In the event that your RI arrives with cards missing or cards that do not meet our condition guidelines, we will replace the necessary cards through another TCGplayer Direct seller so we can maintain our inventory. We will put any extra cards or cards that do not meet our condition guidelines in your Seller Extra Inventory to be held until requested or we ship it based on the current standards.

When we receive your RI, we initiate a payment for all orders per our normal payment process (Payments). We then process your RI, and if we find any discrepancies, we charge the cost of these replacement cards to your account. This charge will be the greater of either:

  1. The price you charged for that card from the order in question.
  2. The average price the card has sold for in its 50 most recent transactions.

We reserve the right to cancel any Reimbursement Invoice that does not have tracking added and in the possession of a mailing service provider within four days (or for non-tracked RIs, those we have not been notified have been shipped without tracking), and replace the cards in that reimbursement invoice following the method above.

You can view any charges associated with discrepancies in your Seller Portal within each completed Reimbursement Invoice.

If you need to communicate with us, or have any questions or concerns regarding an RI, please message us via the “Message TCGplayer” button located in each RI. This will expedite our ability to help you.


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