TCGplayer Presales

Each month, the sellers that meet the minimum qualifications listed below have the option of listing Presales on TCGplayer for all product lines.

TCGplayer Presales Eligibility:

 You qualify for presales if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a Certified Hobby Shop*
  • Made 300 or more sales within the last 90 days
  • Have 99.5% or better Feedback Rating for 30/90/365 day evaluations
  • Respond to all Buyer Messages in under 2 days

These numbers are reevaluated during a 90 day period.

*Please note, if your store was just approved for the Certified Hobby Shop program it will take up to 24hrs for the Presale eligibility check mark to appear on your account if you meet all of the qualifications listed above.


Presale Payments

Since these orders are presales, payment is only eligible once the release date of the product has passed.

Once the product release date has passed, the the payment schedule in the presale program follows the regular payment schedule:

  • If your tracking number can be “Confirmed as Delivered,” then your sale will be listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" 1 day after the delivery date. 
  • If your tracking number can not be “Confirmed as Delivered” or if you shipped the order without tracking, then your sale will be listed as "Completed - Pending Payment" 1 day after the expected delivery date (EDD). 
    • The EDD is typically set to 6 business days after you confirm shipment on the order.

Opting in

To enable presales, you must complete our one time opt-in found in the “My Details” tab of your Seller Portal. 


Then agree to our Terms of Service.

Presale Terms of Service

By opting into the TCGplayer Presale program, you agree that:

  1. You will not receive payment for these orders until after the release date and according to the estimated delivery date
  2. You will accept any cancellation request by a customer for any reason and without any penalty or restocking fees.
  3. You are required to fulfill 100% of the presale orders you receive.
  4. You will ship all presale items no later than 72 hours after the official release date.
  5. If you fall below our qualification conditions, your presale inventory and prices will be hidden until you meet them.
  6. You have verified and are following your publisher or distributor’s restrictions and regulations when using the TCGplayer Marketplace to list your presale items.
  7. Please keep in mind card details, including rarity and card name, may change up until release date as information is updated.


If you're experiencing delays receiving your pre-sale products, click here. Have any other questions? Submit a request here

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