Can I use inventory software with Direct by TCGplayer?

Yes! Direct by TCGplayer is designed to work with inventory management software. If you’re using solutions like BinderPOS, or third-party solutions like CrystalCommerce, you can sync your inventory with TCGplayer. However, there are a few things to note about how these programs interact with Direct by TCGplayer.

If you’re using third-party software to manage your inventory, you may see orders come through your platform even though those orders are already being shipped on your behalf by TCGplayer. These orders will display with the following information in your system:


First Name: DoNotShip

Last Name: TCGplayerDirect

Address 1: 5640 E. Taft Road #3267

City: Syracuse

State/ZIP: NY, 13220

Phone: 8662429519



When you receive an order of this type, you can proceed in one of two ways:

  1. You can pull the cards in the order and set them aside to be included in the next Direct by TCGplayer Reimbursement Invoice (RI).
  2. You can ignore the order for the time being and pull the cards when you receive the matching Reimbursement Invoice later.

Note: Because we require the cards in the RI to be in the same order as the invoice, including card condition, the second method may work better for most stores. 

Whichever way you choose to process the order, it’s important that you don’t ship individual orders to TCGplayer on their own. Please include all your cards in the next Reimbursement Invoice so we can credit you correctly for the sale.



Change Log

  • 9/20/23 - Added info about BinderPOS.
  • 10/31/23 - Removed mentions of BidWicket.
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