TCGplayer Direct - Payments

When a seller sells a card through TCGplayer Direct, the following occurs:

  • Payment is collected from the buyer by TCGplayer and held.
  • TCGplayer ships the sold card to the buyer on behalf of the seller.
  • The seller ships a copy of the sold card to TCGplayer as part of their next Reimbursement Invoice.
  • When TCGplayer receives the RI, the orders are made payable per the normal order processing requirements. Because we process TCGplayer Direct orders seven days a week and ship six days a week, most RIs are 100% payable upon receipt.
  • After processing the RI, any adjustments for missing cards or condition issues are deducted from the seller’s account and show up as “Adjustments” in the Payments tab.

Holidays may also adjust the sending of payments. In the event of a holiday on a Monday or Thursday, payments will be sent the next available business day.

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