When will I receive payment for Direct by TCGplayer orders?

In general, we issue payments on Monday or Thursday. After we receive your Reimbursement Invoice (RI) shipment, we release payments based on our normal payment process.

When you sell a card through Direct by TCGplayer, the following occurs:

  • We collect payment from the buyer and hold it.
  • We ship the sold card(s) to the buyer on your behalf.
  • You ship a copy of the sold card(s) to us as part of your next RI.
  • Once we receive the RI, payments for the orders within are released based on our normal payment process.
  • After processing the RI, we deduct any adjustments for missing cards or condition issues from your account. These show up as “Adjustments” in the Payments tab of your Seller Portal and can be viewed in detail using the “View Orders” link associated with each payment.

Holidays may also adjust the sending of payments. In the event of a holiday on a Monday or Thursday, we will send payments on the next available business day.


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